We heard you.

Last year had problems. We have worked hard to solve them and we are excited with what we have come up with. Here’s the new deal:

  • NEW BIP Pass Format: Instead of a one hour head start and  beers spread out throughout the day, we are condensing the beer-focused element of our event and offering exclusive access to the “big guns” for 3 hours – kind of like a normal old beer fest. Check-in will start with ample time for everyone to get in. The drink-tickets that come with your BIP Pass will be good all day, but during this session, we will pour the bulk of the rare beers, the one-offs, the specialty beers etc. in not only our Main Beer Tent, but in at least one additional specialty beer tent and multiple other brewer-specific booths that will only be up during this session. See the next bullet for more:
  • NEW Beer Tents: We are going to bring our brewers more directly into the fold for the BIP session, having them set up their own booths and pour you their beers directly. They will not be set up for General Admission. We will also have at least one specialty beer tent and our Main Beer Tent, both of which will remain open the whole day, offering a more streamlined beer list as the day progresses.
  • NEW BIP Lounge/Restroom Plan: We aren’t going to try to segregate a specific lounge area for BIP only, other than a small zone around the BIP bathrooms. This was much easier to do in our original location, but it just doesn’t jive with the new spot. Also, we know a lot of non-BIP ticket holders were using the BIP-only bathrooms last year, which meant a lot more traffic than they were supposed to get. So this year we will have tighter access to these so they don’t get as trashed as last year.
  • NEW BIP Entrance Packet: You know how we’ve given you koozies each year? Well this year we are going to give you a beverage IN that koozie when you enter! You will still get 12 paper tickets good for food or beer and you can still purchase more beer/food tickets at our retail booth.
  • T-shirts: We will still have t-shirts for sale, but we are taking them out of the BIP Pass cost, opting instead for the entrance bevvy.
  • Good Vibes Policy: We at Hop Jam love good vibes and good beer. For months on end our staff, volunteers, performers and vendors work diligently producing a great festival and a positive experience for all participants. To help us pull this off, we ask you kindly respect the work that went into planning all aspects of the day. Your presence, the shared love of good times and your positive, respectful attitudes are all an important part of what makes the day great. Constructive feedback is always welcome and encouraged. But please know that any behavior that negatively impacts any person or situation at Hop Jam will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave without a refund. Thanks in advance from the bottom of our hearts and the tops of our glasses! We look forward to sharing fun times with you all. CHEERS!
  • General Admission: We aren’t actually changing anything for GA. GA is still simply ENTRANCE ONLY, just like a normal concert ticket. Food and beer tickets can be purchased separately.

Ticket sales will start May 1 at 10am. We will post the link all over our webpage and social media. For more specific ticket information including pricing, click here.