11134032_850505431672092_1730427040252153623_oFounded in March 2010 by entrepeneur and Mainer Eli Cayer, the Urban Farm Fermentory (or UFF) is an experimental fermentation center. We source as many local ingredients as possible to explore the flavors and preserve Maine’s unique terroir. Our array of fresh pressed Maine apple cider is spontaneously (or wild) fermented in a Farmhouse style until it’s bone dry & tart. “Spontaneous fermentation” utilizes naturally-occurring yeast in the air and on the fruit, which means even the yeast culture in our cider is local. Our mead, made with raw Maine honey, has a similarly unique flavor: drier and crisper than many versions. And our potent, probiotic Kombucha (fermented tea), with its 1.5% ABV and tart, acidic bite, is one of the few true examples of the form left after the infamous kombucha crackdown of 2011.

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