Soule Monde w/ Tony Markellis

Screen shot 2014-05-13 at 9.07.39 PMSoule Monde is avant funk erupting from the syncopated minds of power drummer Russ Lawton and B3 wizard Ray Paczkowski. An ideal union of swagger and raw talent, the pair is cemented into an indestructible pocket, where bold improv, loose set lists, and incredible musicianship drive their groove-rock train into unknown territories. It’s fluid funk crafted for the dance floor, abetted by an extensive grasp of jazz fundamentals.

Paczkowski has an intrepid knowledge of the Hammond B3, playing it as fearlessly as Han Solo flies the Millennium Falcon through an asteroid field, while his left hand lays down bass lines on the clavinet with the ferocity of the meanest four-string, soul-cat.

Lawton is constantly responding to his partner’s attacks – pushing the groove deeper while holding the pocket like he’s handcuffed to the snare. Don’t expect the beat to drop with Soule Monde, and at the same time don’t expect to get stuck in one groove. Quite simply, this is the jazz-duo your parents warned you about.

Members of Soule Monde have appeared at Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, on Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon, and have shared the stage with Carlos Santana, Rolling Stones, Trey Anastasio, Dave Matthews, Victor Wooten, Mike Gordon, Viperhouse + Strangefolk.

Soule Monde Live at Hop Jam 2014, Recorded by Corey the Groundhog,

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