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You have questions! If you don’t find your answers here, please contact us and we will do our best to help you!

the-thinker-and-beerWhat is Hop Jam? Hop Jam is a music fest with a killer beer bar. It takes place Saturday, August 19, 2017 and features an unparalleled line up of craft beer from Vermont and beyond, delicious locally made food and a rockin’ music line up, all on the slopes of Bolton Valley. Click here for details about changes to our event and ticket info.

Where is the Festival located? Bolton Valley Resort, Vermont. Click here directions. There is limited lodging available on-site. Click here for recommended lodging options.

How much are tickets & when do they go on sale? We have two types of tickets: BIP passes, (which come with beer,) and General Admission tickets, (normal concert entry.) Early Bird Ticket Sales start May 1st, 2017. Click here for more info.

Do I need to be over 21 to attend? Yes. Everyone who attends must be 21 years old or older with valid ID on hand. Thanks!

So, no kids? Yes, sorry. No kids, no babies, no one under 21 years old will be admitted. We understand that it is often acceptable to have kids at similar events, making it easier for families to attend. However, for security reasons we have chosen to allow only 21+, no exceptions.

Dogs? Sorry. No dogs either. Thank you.

How much will beers be and what size are the pours? BIP passes come with beer and food pre-paid. If you get a General Admission ticket you can purchase beer and food tickets at the merchandise booth for $6/ticket. We will take cash and credit cards. Beer pours will mostly be 12 oz, depending on the beer type and ABV%. We will announce pricing soon.

Will you announce the beers that the brewers are bringing? Yes. But much closer to the event date and of course, all beers will be subject to change.

What will the food options be? The Mad Taco, Michael’s Good To Go, Woodbelly Pizza and Scouts Honor, serving a variety of delicious food. You will be able to buy food tickets at the merchandise booth – we will take cash and credit cards.

What other things can I get at the merchandise booth? In addition to beer and food tickets, we will have awesome Hop Jam merchandise as well as assorted glassware, t-shirts and more from both our brewers and our bands – we will take cash and credit cards.

When will the festival begin and when should I arrive?
 BIP check in starts at 10:30am with Entrance at 11am. GA check-in and entrance start at 2pm.

What time will it end?
 Shortly after 10 pm

Is there onsite parking?
 Yes. It is free and while there should be plenty of room, we still suggest you carpool!

Will there be a shuttle service?
 YES! We will have a free shuttle service from Waterbury and Burlington to Hop Jam. Reservations are now closed.

Will there be tickets at the gate?  Yes. General Admission tickets available for sale at the gate for $50. Reduced rate sales start at 8pm for $20. BIP tickets are only available for advanced purchase online! We will take credit cards but cash is king!

Is there lodging available? There is limited but very convenient lodging available on-site and more at the Waterbury Best Western and the Hilton Garden Inn in Burlington.

Can we camp? There is no on-site camping this year, but click here for info about area camping.

Am I allowed to leave and re-enter the festival? Yes. But no outside food or beverages can come in. Any persons showing signs of intoxication will be refused service and may be refused reentry.

What can I bring?

  • You will 100% need to bring your valid ID and your ticket.
  • Weather-appropriate clothes and footwear! This is a Rain or Shine event that takes place at a ski area! Terrain is rugged and steep in places. Please pay attention to the weather forecast and pack accordingly.
  • Of course don’t forget your wallet, your mobile device (we will have an Energy Bar charging station,)
  • Dancing shoes and friends are welcome and even encouraged, but dogs are not allowed. Sorry!
  • Blankets and lawn chairs are allowed provided they do not obstruct views or create hazards. Hop Jam is not responsible for any damage to or loss of said items.
  • Backpacks and bags are allowed but they will be searched upon entry.

There will be amenities such as toilets, water and a Power Bar for charging your devices. We will be selling food, beer and assorted merchandise. Absolutely no outside vending allowed!

What CAN’T I bring?

  • There will be absolutely no off-site alcohol or food allowed within our perimeter
  • We love kids, but no one under 21 years old is allowed at Hop Jam. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
  • We love dogs, but they are not allowed at Hop Jam. And they are especially not to be left in your car in our parking lot. If you arrive with Fido, you will have to turn around and leave with Fido.
  • We do not allow weapons of any kind, (including fireworks or explosives of any kind,) illegal or illicit substances of any kind, and no glass containers or bottles, or metal aerosol cans.
  • No outside food or beverages can come in. Any persons showing signs of intoxication will be refused service and may be refused reentry.
  • No outside vendors allowed.
  • No unauthorized solicitations, handbills, sampling, giveaways, etc.

There will be amenities such as toilets, water and a Power Bar for charging your devices. We will be selling food, beer and assorted merchandise. Absolutely no outside vending allowed!

What other things will be on-site?

  • An ATM will is available on site in the Base Lodge.
  • We are committed to making the Hop Jam safe for all of our attendees. There will be clearly marked Security at all times around the grounds. First aid and medical stations will be clearly marked and staffed by professionals.
  • Water and a mobile device charging station (Energy Bar) will be available at Bolton Valley’s tent.

Weather This is a rain or shine event – please pay attention to the weather forecast and pack accordingly.

Accessibility Hop Jam does not provide wheelchairs for rent or loan. We are located on terrain that is rugged and steep in places which is not easy to navigate in a wheelchair so please make prior arrangements. Accessible port-o-lets will be available.

What if I’d like to volunteer to help? We can most certainly put you to work! Contact us today!

Will you be posting band line-ups in advance?
 Yes! Our band set times will be posted on our webpage shortly before the event. All times are subject to change and revisions without notification.

I am a Media Professional intending to publish material about the Hop Jam. Do you have Press Passes available? We do have Press Passes available. If you are interested in to get one, please contact Meg for details.

I purchased tickets and I have questions. If Eventbrite cannot answer your questions, please contact us.

Am I able to pass our flyers inside or outside of the venue?
 Solicitation inside and outside of the festival on festival grounds is not allowed without prior written permission from Hop Jam.

Food, Beverage & Merchandise Payment Options BIP Tickets each include beers, meals and a t-shirt but General Admission tickets do not. We will accept cash and credit cards for onsite purchases. There is an ATM located in Bolton’s Base Lodge.

I still have questions! Contact us with your question and we’ll be happy to help you!